Covid 19 Plan

What Happens After the Quarantine Period is Over?

If the mandatory quarantine is implemented correctly, it would only make sense that the amount of new Covid cases would be very minimal.  Perhaps someone was infected prior to the period and only discovered their infection while under quarantine.

Wouldn't it be great to see new infections during this period drop dramatically?  Contact tracing would be very simple: check only the people in the household with the infected parties.  The infected person would be treated at the hospital, and their household members would be tested for the virus and treated if necessary.

The news media would be following the daily numbers of new infections.  You would have your newspaper delivered daily (since their is no face-to-face contact to deliver it) or watch the news to see the progress.  Covid is all we talk about nowadays.  Imagine if the daily spread of this disease dropped dramatically during the quarantine.  Government officials could use this information to tweak the plan if necessary.

An additional 1-week quarantine period could be added if necessary and furloughed workers would be further compensated.

If numbers of new infections are greatly reduced or even eliminated, beaches could possibly re-open and schools could determine if in-person education is warranted and safe.  Bars and clubs could re-open as usual.

Please take the time to review this site and give me your input.  This is the most pressing issue of our times.

Thank You

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