The Covid 19 Plan

The Covid-19 Plan

MY plan starts with the idea that the solution, though not a political concept, has to be mandated by the Federal Government.

Assuming that the best quarantine period is 14 days, the Government would select a 14-day period sometime in the future to mandate the implementation of this plan.  Once we know the selected dates of this mandatory quarantine period, businesses and consumers can prepare for its coming.

Consumers can shop as they normally do (practicing social distancing and the wearing of protective masks) to ensure there is no reason to leave their homes by stocking up with a 3 week supply of food and other necessaries prior to this period.  Businesses can plan a way to provide consumers with their products that does not involve a person-to-person contact during this period.

Using Wendy's as an example, prior to this period, Wendy's would use their app to inform the customer that they would have to use the app to order their food.  To get their product to the consumer and avoid face-to-face contact, a delivery service would have to be used.  No customer would be allowed inside the store, and no outside dining would be allowed.

Although deliveries could be made by the employees themselves, services such as Uber-Eats, taxis, and other transportation companies would be the primary carrier. I see this as a way to keep the fast-food industry alive, as well as continuing to employ their force.

Please take the time to review this site and give me your input.  This is the most pressing issue of our times.

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